Pim is the head Chef at Toronthai and part owner alongside her husband Alex. She was drawn to food from the time she could reach the kitchen counter and was tutored in cooking at her mother's side. Her family have been in the restaurant business for generations. They currently own 6 award winning restaurants in Thailand and 1 in England. Pim was the owner of her first restaurant at the age of 19 and owned 2 thriving eateries before handing them over to her family in Thailand to manage when she immigrated to Australia over 15 year ago. She was part owner of a successful restaurant in Sydney when she first arrived in Australia and decided that she wanted to own her own when her family moved up to Lake Macquarie at the start of 2015. Pim prides herself on the authentic tastes and recipes offered which have been family guarded secrets for generations. There will be dishes on the menu that no other Thai restaurant in Australia will offer and the dishes which are commonly found in most Thai restaurants will have her signature twist on them that’s sure to satisfy.